Louis Riel, Metis Revolutionary

The “Métis” are people of mixed blood: the children of European (usually French or Scottish) fur traders and Indians (usually Cree). Their very heritage is the result of early European exploration, trade and cultural encounters, and exchanges.  In 1869-1870 Louis Riel embarked on a crusade--leading the Red River Métis in a revolt to protest the Canadian Confederation government’s treatment. The revolt resulted in the creation of the province of Manitoba and ground-breaking recognition of Métis civil and property rights--and also to Riel's exile to Montana. Riel’s fight for indigenous people’s rights led to a second rebellion against the Canadian government in 1885 in the territory that would become Saskatchewan. The rebellion began after the Canadian government ignored Métis requests for representation. As with the first Rebellion, the Métis fought for legal recognition and privileges.  This time Riel was captured, tried, and hung for treason.  Weigh the good and the harmful outcomes of the Metis embracing conflict to gain recognition. Evaluate the price they paid to do so.  Was there any true compromise in this process?  What vocabulary do we use often to describe a dominant culture's firm position and what vocabulary accompanies a minority's attempts to preserve their culture?


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Primary Sources at the Montana Historical Society (Unavailable October 15, 2013-April 15, 2014)


SC 1367 Gabriel Dumont papers, 1886


SC 473 John F. Forgey reminiscence, ca. 1915


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MF 77 Montana Territory vs. Louis Riel records 1883-1884 


See MHS Research Center Catalog for entire list of available Oral Histories 


Primary and Secondary Sources on the Internet


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Vertical Files at the Montana Historical Society


Dumont, Gabriel  folders 1 and two


Métis, folders 1 and 2


Riel, Louis, folders 1 and 2


Also see files on Cree Tribe, Chippewa tribe, Hill 57, Rocky Boy Reservation