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Creation of Rocky Boy's Reservation

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Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation was the last Indian reservation created in Montana and its creation marked a turning point in the lives of many Montana Chippewa-Cree. Created in reaction to the poverty of Montana‚Äôs urban Indians, the reservation owes its existence to persistent efforts of Cree leader Little Bear, Chippewa leader Rocky Boy, and their white allies, particularly writer and politician Frank Bird Linderman, artist Charles M. Russell, Great Falls founder, Senator Paris Gibson, and Great Falls Tribune newspaper publisher William Bole. Examine how these leaders employed conflict and compromise to reach their goals--and examine how pursuing a specific goal succeeded when many different cultural leaders combined their efforts through varying strategies.


Secondary Sources


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Primary Sources at the Montana Historical Society

Frank Bird Linderman Papers, 1911-1936 


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Primary and Secondary Sources on the Internet


Montana: Stories of the Land (Helena, MT, 2008), 304-305 (good brief background)


"Montana's Landless Indians and the Assimilation Era of Federal Indian Policy: A Case of Contradiction" (Montana Historical Society andMontana Office of Public Instruction, 2015).


Vertical Files at the Montana Historical Society


Little Bear

Rocky Boy

Rocky Boy Indian Reservation


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