Salish Attempts to Retain the Bitterroot

The Hellgate Treaty signed at Council Grove near Missoula in 1855 created the Jocko, or Flathead, Indian reservation and was interpreted by the U.S. government as requiring the Pend’Oreille, Kootenai, and Salish tribes to cede all their other lands in western Montana. The Bitterroot Salish disagreed with the federal government's interpretation and believed that the treaty preserved their right to live in the Bitterroot. The Salish fight to protect their right to stay in their homeland, under the leadership of Chief Charlo, is a moving and, ultimately unsuccessful, example of using diplomacy and compromise to defend their way of life and geographical base.  The tribe's exodus from their traditional homeland was a bitter moment of conflict and a turning point in their history.  The historical events in this saga illustrate the complexities and cultural frameworks underlying European Americans' settlement of the American West and of the overwhelming challenges that natives faced to defend their way of life and the lands and resources on which they lived. This story, as so many others, reflects so much deadly conflict and so many failed compromises.


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Charlot, Chief (Slem-Hak-Kah “Little claw of Grizzly bear”)

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