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Ella Knowles: Fight to Become Montana's First Female Lawyer

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The story of Ella Knowles Haskell is the story of a reformer—a women’s rights advocate and active populist who stood up to naysayers to become the Montana’s first female attorney.  See her facing conflict as she confronted critical social ideas and outdated practices.  See who she faced in these encounters and learn how she accomplished her goals through diplomacy and compromise.


Secondary Sources


Roeder, Richard B.  “Crossing the Gender Line: Ella L. Knowles, Montana’s First Woman Lawyer,” Montana The Magazine of Western History, 32 (Summer, 1982): 64-75.


Primary and Secondary Sources on the Web


Morrison, John and Catherine Morrison. Mavericks: The Lives and Battles of Montana's Political Legends (Helena, 2003) also available online.


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"Ella Knowles: Portia of the People," Women's History Matters website 


Vertical Files at the Montana Historical Society



Ella Knowles Haskell

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