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Robert Yellowtail, Crow Negotiator

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Finished in 1965, Yellowtail Dam was named for Crow Tribal leader Robert Yellowtail (1889-1988).  Ironically, Yellowtail had emphatically opposed the construction of the Dam.  While Big Horn Lake and Yellowtail Dam are multi-purpose developments focusing on recreation, flood control, irrigation and power production, the lake waters covered Big Horn Canyon, second only to the Grand Canyon in depth and breadth and sacred to the Crow.  Yellowtail devoted his life to advocating for Crow voting and financial rights--for taking stands on behalf of his people.  Research and consider HOW he took those stands--the personal qualities and goals he invested.  Patience and compromise, for instance, may be very important.


Secondary Sources


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Primary Sources at the Montana Historical Society 


Robert Yellowtail speeches, 1936-1957SC 991. (This collection consists of a speech (1936), presented to the National Emergency Council at Billings, concerning the impact of federal relief for the Crow tribe; and a speech (1957), given before the United States Senate and House Interior Committees, arguing against the construction of the proposed Yellowtail Dam on Crow tribal land.) 


Primary and Secondary Sources on the Internet


Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area: http://www.nps.gov/bica/index.htm

National Park Service Yellowtail Dam site:   http://www.nps.gov/bica/historyculture/yellowtail-dam.htm

About the Crow--History--Robert Yellowtail: http://lib.lbhc.cc.mt.us/about/history/ryellowt.php


Vertical Files at the Montana Historical Society


Big Horn River Canyon

Yellowtail, Robert

Yellowtail Dam 1 and 2




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