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Montana History Topics NHD 2017-2018

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National History Day 2018 Theme: Conflict and Compromise in History


Below are some ideas for Montana history topic themes related to the theme Conflict and Compromise in History.  



            Chinese Boycott

            Gov Joseph Dixon and the Mining Tax


Environmental Issues and Actions

          Fire Policy

          Lee Metcalf

          Sustained Yield Forestry


Women's History:  In 2014, on the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in Montana, the Montana Historical Society created the Women's History Matters website.  We recommend that you browse through the more than 100 essays on that page and the bibliographies that accompany them.  You will find information about women and women's groups who faced conflict in their efforts to participate fully in their communities, the state, and the region--and responded with both strong actions and skilled compromise.  You will be able to learn about the skills and strategies they employed as they took positions and defended them: using words, examples, research, politics and much more.  The WHM website really is one of the richest sources of Montana topics and ideas that you'll find as you explore "Conflict and Compromise in History." 

          Elouise Cobell: The Blackfeet Banker Who Took on the Federal Government

          Hazel Hunkins

          Jeannette Rankin

          Montana Women's Suffrage Movement

          Ella Knowles: Fight to Become Montana's First Female Lawyer  


Civil Rights/Social History

           Immigrant Rights and the Chinese Experience

          "Not In Our Town": Combating Hate Crimes in Billings


           1909 Missoula Free Speech Fight 


Economic/Labor History

          Frank Little

          Non-Partisan League: Revolution, Reaction, Reform in Eastern Montana 

          Hogan's Army

          Montana Labor Unions

          Populists, Progressives, and the Eight-hour Day


Political History

Gov. Joseph Dixon and the Mining Tax

1972 Constitutional Convention

Mike Mansfield

Lee Metcalf


Indians & European American Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange

          Allotment and The Opening of Indian Land to Homesteaders

          Creation of Rocky Boy's Reservation

          Chief Plenty Coups of the Crow 

           Elouise Cobell: The Blackfeet Banker Who Took on the Federal Government

          Salish Attempts to Retain the Bitterroot 

          1868 Fort Laramie Treaty

          Robert Yellowtail, Crow Negotiator

          1855 Hellgate Treaty


War and Resistance

          Louis Riel: Metis Revolutionary

Montana Sedition Act-Montana Council of Defense (World War I) 

          Montana's World War II Conscientious Objector Camps




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